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  • Santa where's yer troosers

    SOLD OUT:Santa where’s yer troosers!?


    Santa’s lost his troosers (you have to say this in a Scottish lilt remember) going down the chimney – again! Well, we’ve all done it, but luckily for us his is stuffed with a mini bar, Hot Choc Bloc, Reindeer Poo and a Snowman lolly! Perfect for Xmas morning for kids – young and old…

  • smoked almond milk chocolate bar

    Smoked Almond


    Dreamy milk with a slight hint of smoke and salt from Newcastle based, Northumbrian Smokehouse’s hand smoked almonds.

  • smoked almond dark chocolate bar

    Smoked Almond


    With delicious almonds, hand-smoked by Northumbrian Smokehouse based in Newcastle, this bar has a hint of smokiness, a little smoked salt and a little crunch to match.

  • SOLD OUT: Xmas Dark Hamper


    For all those rich, dark chocolate fans, a lovely 3 bar hamper with the added bonus of dark chocolate enrobed coffee beans. These’ll keep you going over the festive season…

  • Christmas chocolate Hamper

    SOLD OUT: Xmas Hamper


    Lovely festive hamper with 3 milk bars and a dreamy Hot Choc Bloc for a winter’s night of dunking.

    NB: Please stipulate which flavoured chocolate bars you require in the ‘Special Instructions’ box when ordering.

  • Gourmet Chocolate Christmas Bar Box

    3 Bar Gourmet Christmas Box


    Festive boxes filled with your favourite 3 bars! Happy days!

    NB: Please stipulate which flavoured bars you would like (check whether  in stock first!) and whether Milk or Dark in the ‘Special Instructions’ box when ordering. Also stipulate whether a clear lid is required or a full gold lid. If no instructions are left we’ll presume you’ll want a surprise!

  • Award-winning Angel Hamper

    Award-winning Angel Hamper


    It’s back and better than ever! Winning the best ‘Festive Selection’ in The Journal last year, this cracking hamper is stuffed with 5 bars of your choice (including a milk or dark Angel bar) as well as a Hot Choc Bloc just in time for those winter nights.

    NB: Please stipulate which flavoured bars you would like and whether Milk or Dark in the box marked ‘special instructions’ when ordering. 

  • raspberry beret milk chocolate bar

    Raspberry Beret


    Our Raspberry collection is one of our best sellers (named after the Prince song) – we’ve white and dark and of course this cracker in milk. One of your five a day…(!)

  • coffee & cardamom dark chocolate bar

    Coffee & Cardamom


    Made with the same Ouseburn Coffee Company beans as our Proper Coffee (Pure Lintong from Sumatra) this has the added extra of crushed cardamom releasing a subtle aromatic brew with hints of the Turkish bazaar. Well we think so.

  • Vegan Easter Chocolate Case


    Perfect for the vegans in your life! Our dark Mr Bunny is infused with orange and sits alongside three of your fave bars (please tell us your flavours in the Notes section at Checkout) and mini dark jewel eggs. Hop to it!

  • Mum You’re An Angel!! Milk Bar


    She cooks, she cleans, she shops and she’s always there when you want a shoulder to cry on – your mum’s a true angel!! Tell her so with our award-winning Angel of the North bar and make her day.

  • raspberry beret white chocolate bar

    White Raspberry Beret


    A classic combo: fruity white with the raspberries gently cutting through the velveteen sweetness of the chocolate.

  • milk angel with smoked salt chocolate bar

    Milk Angel with Smoked Salt


    Our homage to Antony Gormley’s iconic Angel of the North with a smattering of North Shields smoked salt and a bespoke illustration by artist Sara Gibbeson. Simple but sophisticated and perfect with a cuppa.

    Please note: our Angels come in a variety of coloured foils and we cannot guarantee which colour will be available.

  • coffee dark chocolate bar

    Proper Coffee


    If you’re a proper coffee lover we think you’ll like this. Made with a premium 100% Sumatran Lintong bean from Newcastle’s Ouseburn Coffee Company, this has a cracker of a caffeine hit along with hints of grapefruit and the added texture to the chocolate from the ground beans. A smasher.

  • dark angel smoked salt chocolate bar

    Dark Angel with Smoked Salt


    Our homage to Antony Gormley’s iconic Angel of the North and an award-winner to boot. With a smattering of North Shields smoked salt and a bespoke illustration by artist Sara Gibbeson, this is simple but sophisticated and perfect with a glass of Pedro Ximenez sherry…

    Please Note: our angels come in a variety of coloured foils and we cannot guarantee which colour will be dispatched.

  • Tru love truffles

    Tru-love Truffles

  • Christmas chocolate bars

    Christmas Bars.

  • corporate business chocolate

    Mini Corporate Bars.

  • geranium milk chocolate bar



    For all floral lovers (and for those who aren’t even sure), this has hints of Turkish Delight with a heady perfume flavour. One of our best-sellers!

  • Violetta


    Like Violet creams but can only stomach the sickly centre for so long? Then try this beauty. With a subtle hint of violet this is Parma Violets for grown ups.

  • honeycomb cruch milk chocolate bar

    Honeycomb Crunch


    Creamy and smooth with a little bite and chew for good measure from the honeycomb. Woof!

  • ginger & orange dark chocolate bar

    Ginger & Orange


    Warming ginger and orange infused bar, studded with, yes you guessed it, added ginger.

  • orange cruch milk chocolate bar

    Orange Crunch


    With a little bite and texture from the toffee, a customer of ours called this a ‘posh’ Terry’s Chocolate Orange – ‘only better’ and who are we to argue with that?

  • Peppermint Crunch


    Minty breath freshness with a little toffee bite. For mint lovers who are, well, bored with just mint.

  • popping candy milk chocolate bar

    Popping Candy


    Forget the crackle and just feel the pop. We used to call the ‘pop’ Space Dust if you are of a certain age…

  • geranium & orange dark chocolate bar

    Geranium & Orange


    A hint of citrus cuts through the heady floral notes in this rich, rosy bar; great for Turkish Delight lovers.

  • ginger & fennel dark chocolate bar

    Ginger & Fennel


    This award-winning bar has lashings of ginger and toasted fennel seeds to add texture and a hint of aniseed to this fruity, dark origin chocolate.


  • Rosemary & Lemon Sea Salt


    Surprisingly warm and woody with a salty backnote. For anyone who loves whisky it’s a fantastic accompaniment. We love it but it’s a little different…

  • orange crunch dark chocolate bar

    Orange Crunch


    You kept asking for orange so voila! Tangy orange pieces interspersed with toffee and a smidge of orange peel for a little added extra.

  • single origin 72% venezuela dark chocolate bar

    Single Origin: 72% Venezuela


    A deeply flavoured bar, made with Single Origin Venezuelan cocoa beans, with distinct bitter notes tempered with hints of citrus. Perfect for those who like things simple but sophisticated.

  • ginger & lime dark chocolate bar

    Ginger & Lime


    Punchy with lime, this fella is a little different but with those spicy ginger pieces you love!

  • honeycomb cruch dark chocolate bar

    Honeycomb Crunch


    Rich and dark peppered with chewy, crunchy bits of honeycomb. What’s not to like?

  • chilli & lime dark chocolate bar

    Chilli & Lime


    Let this sit in your mouth to warm up and you’ll initially get a hit of zesty lime followed by a warming chilli back note. One of our best-sellers.

  • lemon & lemon sea salt milk chocolate bar

    Lemon & Lemon Sea Salt


    Our award winning Lemon is a delicately citrus infused bar highlighted with fresh, zesty Maldon Sea Salt. Subtle yet complicated. Go figure.

  • geranium dark chocolate bar



    Gently floral with rose undertones, this bar fills the nose as well as the belly. If you like Turkish Delight, we think you’ll like this more.

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